About us

Welcome to 7AirPower, the website of the 7Air Foundation.

As many people today we strive to make our world a better place. The past century has left us with a legacy of pollution that requires immediate and far reaching answers.

Where many companies try to tackle the transport/environmental issue by using electric propulsion, we take the radical yet most logic approach; clean the air by using an air-filtering pressure driven mechanical engine.

In doing so we avoid combustion exhaust, excessive use of costly and polluting batteries and the plenty malfunctions that electric circuitry in a wet and mobile environment are prone to.  Instead we directly filter the air as it comes into the compressor chamber. From there the pressurised air is simply used to drive the cranckshaft after which the clean air leaves the vehicle. Simple  honest  sound and natural, a brilliant piece of mechanics invented by the late French poet of mechanics ,Guy Negre.

Our foundation strives to make the air that we breathe less polluted and more healthy for humans and animals.

Technology in transport is an important tool to reach this goal.

Our main focus will be the integration of the Negre engine in all forms of small personal transport, be it bicycles, small city cars, scootmobiles for the elderly and the disabled, pleasure craft.

As we leave the industrial era behind us it is most important to realise that we are not just living in the aftermath of the industrial revolution, but rather at the forefront of the ecological one. It will be, now more than ever, up to everybody to change the world and create the future

It’s time to turn the tide.